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Condescending note made to member

Guest Sharon Novak

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This is in regard to a dog club affiIiated the American Kennel Club.  I was trying to be put on a committee or board position.  But the secretary lied to me about some of the openings and said she was not checking her email so did not put it in for the position.  Then another job had opened up for talleying points and was to be open until October in May they filled it by another member on a committee by May.  I talked to someone on the committee and got a very condescending note from the person who advertised that the position was opened up.  The only way you can be on the committee if you haven boughten a dog from someone on the committee or are a friend or have held a position before.  Some of these people that get voted in have not been into dogs, or served on other club committees as long as I have.  I noticed the in RROO that the comittee members are protected and not the members but yet they can expell a member.


Is there anything that can be done on this?

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