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no one running for office

Guest Diane kregar

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Or, possibly, it is time to furl your sails, move your boats to winter (or forever) storage, and shut down the association. (Global warming will spoil your anchorage pretty soon anyway.)

A threat like that may bring some candidates out of the woodwork (teak, I presume) or up out of the bilge.

Or maybe not.

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What happens when no one runs for Commodore, vice and all officers. The nomination board is empty


I suppose you'll need to try to think of why no one is running. Perhaps they are problems that can be fixed - reducing the duties of the officers and shifting them to committees, reducing (or removing) any qualifications for office, etc. If these problems will take a while to fix, you can limp along in the meantime. As noted, the current officers might continue serving. Failing that, you can elect a Chairman Pro Tempore and Secretary Pro Tempore at each meeting.


But if this problem isn't resolved soon, it suggests a larger problem. Either no one wants to continue with the association, or they do, but no one is actually willing to do the work. In either case, it might be time to dissolve the association. See RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 563-564 for more information.

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