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Bylaw Revisions

Guest Ray

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I belong to an organization whose Bylaws (on the local level) have not been updated in 13 years. Im not sure why as I havent been in the organization as long as that.

There has been an effort taking place lately to do the update and bring it into compliance with both the state and national bylaws. The questions I have are these:

 1) If they're so out-of-date, perhaps "illegal" in places by comparison to those of the state and natnl.

organization, are they still considered  valid for use until newly revised ones are presented to the membership, discussed, and approved?

Note: Im not talking about just in a few places...I mean almost the entire document!

 2) What is the correct procedure for presenting Bylaw changes to the membership?

      a) Can it be done in writing for "first reading" and sent out by email or letter to all of the members?

      B) Is there ever a circumstance (in light of them being so "out-dated" as described above)

          whereby someone at a higher level (than the local officers) can declare the old bylaws

          "Invalid" and therefore the revised version must be implemented in its place immediately?

      c) Is it possible for a "first reading" and vote to take place at the same meeting? 


Any assistance would be most appreciated on the above.

Many thanks!

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Your current bylaws are presumed valid except where they conflict with superior rules or laws. The proper method for amending them should be found in the bylaws themselves (typically near the end). 


See RONR p.593 for more on revisions. RONR also contains sample bylaws. You might also want to look at the bylaws of organizations similar to yours (just don't copy their mistakes!). Since you refer to State and National organizations, they may well have something to say about the recommended content of your bylaws.

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