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Agenda at annual meeting

Guest Misty

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Our organization which is a chapter of a larger organization has had a turbulent year with our chapter Board and  Executive making major decisions affecting our relationship with the larger organization without input from the general membership.In some instances our bylaws have been violated. Communication with the general memberhship, as is required by our bylaws has been minimal. Our annual meeting is coming up and the general membership has been informed that we will be asked to vote on three motions put forth by the executive.We have been told what these motions are.  It is stated that members will be given a ballot and the ballots will be counted during the annual meeting. We have members who want time on the agenda for discussion on these issues prior to any voting, something we have not been given the opportunity to do before now. How do we ensure that discussion of the issues/motionsput forth by the Executive can take place before there is voting. Our concern is that ballots will be passed out before the annual meeting, when people register at the convention the day before the annual meeting and that people will vote and turn in their ballots before discussion can take place. One of the questions on the ballot suggests doubling our chapter membership fee to cover costs of a major purchase made by the Executive and the Board without consultation with the general membership. Any direction on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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