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disruptive member

Guest Leon

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We have a disruptive member, this woman had her membership revolked by the Board.  But continues to attend the meeting with her husband.  We meet in one of the spare rooms at the local Elks Lodge.

She claims she can attend the meetings via her husband.  She no longer disrupts the meetings, but uses her husband to ask questions she wants to know.  We have also discovered that she is now giving information to non members about our meetings.


Is there any way we can prevent her from attending our meetings without banning her husband?

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You call her a "disruptive member", but then state that her membership has been revoked. That would seem to make her a non-member, in which case she has no right to attend in the first place, and the presiding officer has the authority to do whatever is necessary to prevent any disruptions by her, up to having her ejected from the meetings.


But if her husband is a member of the body that is meeting, you can not prevent him from asking questions, as long as they are germane to the business at hand and do not exceed the limits on debate for all members (RONR default of 2 speeches of no more than 10 minutes each on any question).


I'm not sure there's much you can do about providing information to non-members. Are your meetings held in executive session?

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