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recording a vote

Guest Donne Griffiths

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Guest Donne Griffiths

I had asked the question last week, dose the vote of the POA members control the spending power of the BOD? We were told at this week's board meeting because it was not recorded in the county records it was in-forcible. The majority vote was taken by three members to restrict the board in unconsciously spending POA funds without the members consent by vote. The board told the meeting as Texas legislator in 2011 law requires all votes to be recorded in the county records. Is this fact? Dose this mean every vote of the members have to recorded to be effective, this vote was recorded in the POA minutes in 2007.

if in fact the law was made should it not be the responsibility of the governing body to inform it's members?

Two boards have now spent over $100,000 without POA approval.

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