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Nominating Committee

Guest Jo Jo

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By-laws Article:


Nominating Committee


Two/three months prior to the Annual Meeting, a Nominating Committee of three (3)

members shall be chosen in the following manner.  A temporary chairman appointed

by the President and two (2) members who volunteer. 


My question is how can the following situation be corrected?


A person ask the President if she could be on the Nominating Committee and the

President told her ok with the President stating that she would be seeking two more

people to be on the committee.


Next day, said woman without waiting for two more people on committee

made phone calls to her personal choose of women and ask them if they would

fill candidates office of President, 2nd V.P. and Treasurer positions for coming election. 

She knew that the current President and Treasurer could serve another term,

however did not call to ask them if they wanted to serve again.  Which is a customer. 


All women accepted to be candidates for election.  Nominations can be made from floor on day of election.  I also, am concerned that the candidate for President will have her sister as Treasurer.

Would this be a conflict of interest or just a questionable uncomfortable situation that I feel?


All information will be appreciated.


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What is it that needs to be corrected (other than that awful provision in your bylaws concerning your Nominating Committee)?


The mere fact that a member of the committee asked people if they would like to be nominated doesn't mean that those persons have been, or will be, nominated by the committee.


Nothing in RONR prevents a person whose sister is Treasurer from being a candidate for President. If you don't like the idea, you can nominate and vote for someone else.

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I don't care for the statement in the bylaw, but I don't see anything else to correct. Perhaps someone needs to correct the belief that because the president is permitted to served another term that she must be elected to serve another term. That is one of the things I hate about organizations putting term limits in their bylaws. It often turns into people thinking the proper thing to do is let them serve all terms. Or maybe correct this notion that people who are related to each other are involved in some kind of conspiracy. I've never seen that happen, and even if it did, people have the option of voting for someone else.

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