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unfilled board board position

Guest aj

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What is the correct procedure for filling an unfilled board position? Last year's nominating committee could not find someone and a member volunteered after the new board took office.


First, check your bylaws to see if they say anything on the subject. Many organizations grant the board authority to fill vacancies. If the board has "full power and authority" to conduct the business of the society between meetings, that also includes the power to fill vacancies.


If your bylaws do not grant such authority to the board (or anyone else), then it rests with the membership.


In this particular case, you also have an incomplete election. So even if the board (or someone else) does fill the vacancy, such an appointment is only effective until the general membership can meet to complete the election.

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Do the By-laws allow for special meetings of the membership? If so, then call a meeting and elect the member to the unfilled position.


Please not that it looks as if Mr. Ed is once again assuming, without justification, that the membership does not meet often.


C'mon, Edness, please stop it.

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