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Meeting Location for meetings over Video Conference


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I have a kind of weird question regarding minutes for meetings.  I am Board President of a nonprofit startup for an artist residence and collective that has had all of two official meetings in the life of the organization.  The next board meeting (scheduled for the 2nd of September) will be the first where we are basically having two locations where members are going to be (one at the headquarters in Albany, NY and the other in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY).  I will be chairing the meeting over Google's Hangout system (which is acceptable as per our bylaws).


In Robert's Rules of Order, the minutes must include the time date and location of the meeting.  So, of our 5 member board, if I am chairing the meeting and based in New York City with another board member who will be visiting me from Albany at the time of the meeting and two other board members located at Albany location and the fifth member absent do to a work obligation, where is this meeting happening when we do the minutes?  This is a question that we are going have for at least the first 6 months to year of the organization as the organization is to move to larger facility in Vermont (and yes all documentation is based in Vermont).  Vermont's Secretary of State's office did say that we can meet outside the state and be based in Vermont as we work on the move. 


Brianna Goldberg


Zen Huas Artist Collective

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