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Can class president have any say so over elected committees

Guest lisa jones

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Can a president have any thing to do once a committee and a chairman has been elected. Can the

president correct any thing they see is going the wrong way from the elected groups selected by

the chairman?


Lisa, your two sentences seem to conflict with each other.  Your first sentence indicates the committee was elected, presumably by the body.  Your second sentence makes reference to groups (committees?) being selected by the Chairman.  That part has me confused.   And your subject line indicates that you are wondering if the president has any power over the committee that is over and above that of a regular committee member.  ("Can class president have any say so over elected committees?")   I also have to wonder if the "chairman" and "president" are the same person.  I am assuming they are.


I agree with the answers given by Dr. Stackpole and Transpower, but I want to go a bit beyond those answers.


How was this committee selected?  If it was selected (or elected) by the assembly (the group), their answers are exactly right.  Is he a member of the committee?   If he was made a part of the committee either by being elected to serve on it or if your bylaws make him a member of the committee, then he has exactly the same rights regarding the committee as any other member....no more, no less. 


But, if he appointed the committee, then, unless your bylaws or some other rule provide otherwise, he does have the power to replace any members of the committee he disagrees with. Doing so may or may not  be wise, but if he appointed the committee, he usually has that power.


The person or body that appoints (or elects) a committee has the power to replace the members.  RONR 11th ed, page 177, lines 19 - 34


Other than his possible power to replace committee members, he has no more power in the committee or over the committee than any other committee member....and not even that much if he is not a member of the committee and the committee members were selected by the assembly.

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