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Recently we had a very long and heated Special Meeting. During the meeting a member made a Motion and it was seconded. Discussion ensued at which time the person who made the Motion suggested that she rearrange the Motion and then she said that she wanted to remove parts of the Motion.  The discussion continued for over 50 minutes at which time an action was taken when the same person made a similar but differently worded Motion which was seconded, voted upon and failed to pass.  In the Minutes I recorded the Motion that was made, seconded, and voted upon.  I did not record the original Motion since she said that she wanted to rearrange it, then remove parts, and quite frankly I was confused what she was making. A 50 minute discussion ensued at which time no vote was called for until the same person made a similar Motion.  She feels that the Minutes should include the Motion she initially made, was seconded, and then she offer to rearrange it. Should it be included when no action was taken on the first one she made.

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