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I prepare the minutes for our BOD meetings.

I used to put the positions of the members when they presented any item. For Example: The Chair of the Board mentioned.....

the Director ......, the Chair of the Finance Committee..... and so on..

It's that the correct procedure or should I mentoin the names of each person?

Can you let me know

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RONR does not provide any specific instructions as to how to refer to officers, directors and committee chairmen in the minutes. 


However, the sample minutes provided on pages 472 - 473 are illustrative and provide some guidance.  In those sample minutes, RONR refers to the reports and actions of officers by title, rather than by name, as you do in your minutes.  However, the sample minutes refer to committee chairmen by both title and name, e.g., "The special committee that was appointed to investigate and report on suitable parking facilities near the society's building reported, through its chairman, Mrs. Smith,  a resolution, which, after debvate and amendment,  was adopted as follows:  "Resolved, That . . . ."". 


Regular members who made motions, etc, are referred to by name in those sample minutes.


I believe the way your minutes handle that detail is largely a matter of style, personal preference and custom.  My personal preference is for the minutes to refer to officers by both name and title, such as, "President John Smith", Treasurer Robert Jones, etc, at least the first time their names are used in the minutes.  Subsequent mentions can say simply, "The president", "the treasurer", etc.  My reason for that preference is so that someone reading the minutes years later can tell at a glance who those officers were.  If the minutes don't name those officers when they are referred to, the person reading the minutes has to guess or read through lots of minutes and records to figure out who those officers actually were.

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