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Josh Martin

Expunging without Rescinding

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General Robert was quite skeptical about motions to rescind and expunge from the record, writing in PL (p. 113), "Such a motion, to deface records, requires a vote of the majority of the entire membership, and it is doubtful that if even that vote is sufficient to authorize such action."

Since RONR says that a member may move to Rescind and Expunge from the Record, it has become a legitimate motion, but I would be wary of extending the idea to other forms of expunction.

(In other words, I don't have a definite answer to this question, but I wanted an excuse to use the word expunction. :))


While I lean toward the use of "expungement" myself, I can certainly appreciate the allure of "expunction", and I may be tempted to use it.

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