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Person who 2nds a Motion


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The purpose of a second to a motion is simply to indicate that the person who seconded the motion agrees that it should come before the assembly.  It does NOT indicate support of the motion.


From RONR 11th edition, page 35, lines 4 - 6:  "After a motion has been made, another member who  wishes it to be considered says, "I second the motion", or, "I second it", or even, "Second". 


Then, on page 36 starting on line 9:  "A second merely implies that the seconder agrees that the motion should come before the meeting and not that he necessarily favors the motion. A member may second a motion (even if using the word "support" as indicated above) because he would like to see the assembly go on record as rejecting the proposal, if he believes a vote on the motion would have such a result."

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