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Ballot and voting

Guest John Shilling

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If there are six (6) candidates on the ballot and there are only five (5) positions.

My question are you required to vote for five (5)candidates or can you just vote for one (1) or two (2) etc.

Are we required to vote for five (5)


You are not required to vote for all 5 positions.  RONR (11th ed.), p. 407.

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You can vote for any number from 0 to 5.  If you vote for none, you have abstained, and your ballot will not be counted as a ballot for that office.


If you vote for 1 to 5, your ballot will be counted as a vote for each of the candidates you voted for.  Candidates whose names are not chosen (or written) on a majority of ballots for that office are not elected,   Among those that do get a majority, the highest five (if there are that many that do) are elected.


If you vote for more than five, your ballot will be considered invalid, but will count as a ballot, for the purposes of calculating a majority, but none of your votes will count.

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