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If someone is absent and he is nominated and wants the position, how can he accept and be put on the ballot?


Someone could be nominated and put on the ballot without accepting it.

It is true that the consent of the nominee is not required, but it is advisable to obtain it.  Here is part of what RONR says about nominations by a nominating committee on page 434:


"It is desirable policy for the nominating committee, before making its report, to contact each person whom it wishes to nominate, in order to obtain his acceptance of nomination—that is, his assurance that he will serve in the specified office if elected. The bylaws can make such a practice mandatory."


As to the election of someone who was elected without having first consented to being nominated or elected, RONR says this on page 444:


TIME AT WHICH AN ELECTION TAKES EFFECT. An election to an office becomes final immediately if the candidate is present and does not decline, or if he is absent but has consented to his candidacy. If he is absent and has not consented to his candidacy, the election becomes final when he is notified of his election, provided that he does not immediately decline. If he does decline, the election is incomplete, and another vote can be taken immediately or at the next meeting without further notice. After an election has become final as stated in this paragraph, it is too late to reconsider (37) the vote on the election."

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