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When people disagree with how RR is used

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Recently in a meeting, one speaker used proper decorum (not typically used) in correcting another speaker's facts. The member who was corrected was very angry and now will not speak to the one who corrected him.

Anyone have suggestions how to let people know that its not personal when a correction to the facts is made? Those who get easily offended round these parts seem to hang onto grudges for months on end (or indefinitely) and it shows up in how they speak to others, even in how they vote (being combative to those they see as 'the enemy' in meetings and opposing everything they say 'just because'.)

Also, how does one deal with a group that is not used to using Robert's Rules (they've just been 'sort of' using it for the longest time) that will most likely be angered, belligerent, think its a joke, or just feel general resentment towards those insisting that the rules be followed as they are written?

This is not a peaceable group. The rules are needed.

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