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No one will run for office

Guest Terry

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When no one agrees to run for the offices with an opening:

1. Does a ballot without names still have to be sent to members before the meeting? 2. Is permission required of someone before their names are written in?

3. Can the president appoint someone to the position? And, would that be permanent or temporary?

Dissolving the organization is not an option.

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1a. Ballots never have to be sent to members before a meeting. And ballots don't need to have any names pre-printed on them. A ballot can be as simple as a blank piece of paper.


1b. You can vote for someone without their permission but if they're elected they can decline the office. If that happens you'll have to vote again.


2a. Only if your bylaws give your president the authority to do so.


2b. Your bylaws would determine whether the appointment was for the full term of office or only until someone is actually elected.


You might want to consider what makes this particular office so unappealing. Too much work? Past officeholders made it look too hard? No one cares enough to "volunteer"?


Could this office be eliminated?

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