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Year end and AGM

Guest Tova

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Can an association hold its  AGM before the year end?  Our Constitution and bylaws state:


 Part 5- Meetings

Annual- The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year following the 15th day of March, but not later than the 30th day of May. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify all members of the Association 14 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting and to distribute copies of the previous General Meeting minutes. A quorum of the Annual General Meeting shall consist of seven members of the Executive, plus at least ten of the remaining voting members of the Association.


Our year end is May 31

And we are a non reporting society



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Sorry I didn't mention that we had our AGM on April 22 and then a week later the president said the AGM was null and void citing one reason being that the AGM was supposed to be after the year end.  In society act it doesn't stte this so thought maybe RR would say something about it

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Sounds like the By-laws need to be amended to allow the AGM to be held after the fiscal year end date.


Why? The President appears to be the only person who has a problem with the current date.


I think the good reverend may be suggesting that it makes more sense to have the annual meeting after the end of the fiscal year so any year-end reports (e.g. the treasurer's annual report) will be complete. For example, if the fiscal year was the calendar year, it would make more sense to have the annual meeting in January (or February) rather than in December.


But it's certainly not required.

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