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election ballot mis-count

Guest jim b

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our club had an election 8 officers got elected...the 8 officers then vote amongst themselves to elect officer positions...


the vote was counted and checked by two members (the election commitee) and announced the 8 went an elected the new officers... the 9th membber automatically is the Past President. ....


after the meeting election and everythng was done... the ballot box was left behind by mistake.... some other members (not members ofthe election commitee) took the box w/ them and after having a few they re-counted the ballots and said the announce results were not accurate and 1 guy was not actually elected... and another guy was... the guy they are disputing was elected by the board as president... I was elected Chairman of the board so they put it in my lap.


I have yet to see the ballots or anything.... the two who counted them are adamant that they were right... and that the one they are saying was not elected would have had to slip over 4 votes...out of only 29 votes cast.


Not sure what to do... do the first results stand becasue they were reported & "cerified"  by the election committee... should there be a recount by a third group? should htere be a new elction? is the "new" board even in place? should the Past President be overseeing this? Is he still president?

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