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Election Question

Guest Jen

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Can a board member cast a vote to select/hire someone for a government position without being present for the interviews? Can you tell me what section of Robert's Rule of Order I should reference to? Thank you 


I sense the underlying assumption here is that a member cannot vote if he's uninformed about the matter to be voted on.  As noted by Mr. Lages and Mr. Huynh that's just not the case.


RONR specifically says:  "It is a fundamental principle of parliamentary law that the right to vote is limited to the members of an organization who are actually present at the time the vote is taken in a regular or properly called meeting, although it should be noted that a member need not be present when the question is put."  RONR (11th ed), p. 423, emphasis added by me.


As an example, a member could have missed the entire process of the motion be made, seconded, possibly debated or amended, and as long as he's in the room in time to cast his vote, he can still vote.  Should he?  Maybe not.  Can he?  Absolutely.

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