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Making a Motion

Guest DSouth

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That is to say, Is it a requirement the member be recognized?

The short answer, as Mr. Huhyn has pointed out, is "yes", the chair has a duty to recognize someone properly seeking recognition.


But, if for some reason the member makes a motion without being recognized, which sometimes happens in very small assemblies and in committees and board meetings, and the motion is seconded and ultimately adopted (or even adopted without a second), the motion has nonetheless been adopted.  Failure of the chair to have initially formally recognized the member for the purpose of making a motion is not fatal to the motion.


If the chair fails or refuses to recognize someone entitled to the floor, a point of order should be raised.  Likewise, a point of order should be raised if a member starts making a motion without having been recognized.  But, again, keep in mind that in committees, boards and small assemblies, those rules of formality are relaxed.


It would help if you would explain to us exactly why you are asking the question. We seem to be going in circles. 

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