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Rules of a Subcommittee

Guest Dee Dee

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I am a member of an organization that has a subcommittee (that consists of past presidents); and they have been holding meetings to discuss some organization improprieties. 


With that, they submitted a report the current President, VP, an Secretary in an Executive Board meeting; however, they cited Virginia  Law as a reason why they were not distributing the report throughout the meeting. They also used this same citing to suggest we were not allowed to submit this document to other members of the organization.


If the material was based on organization impropriety, shouldn't this document be open to all financial members? Does a privacy citing prohibits the organization from reviewing the document?

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I agree with Mr. Harrison that, based on your comments, this seems to be more of a legal question than a parliamentary question.  I would insist on seeing the law they claim to be relying on.


There is no rule in RONR that justifies what you described.  In RONR land, no one or two or three officers can control any business of an organization.  It's members (or  sometimes its board of directors or executive board)  have the final word.

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