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Signing Resolutions

Guest Valerie

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Nothing in RONR requires that resolutions (which are simply a particular form of a motion) be signed. The minutes should record the name of the member who made the motion (to adopt the resolution). That's it.


If a copy of the resolution is to be printed and presented as some sort of honor, I think it would be in very poor taste to include the names and votes of members who voted against it or didn't vote at all.

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I have a board member who often abstains when voting on resoultions but still wants to sign the resolutions, writing "abstained" after his name.  Is this proper? 




Besides, resolutions aren't signed, except perhaps certified copies of resolutions, which are seldom needed, and even then they are signed by the Secretary, and sometimes by the President.  


Board members who often abstain, and who seem to take special pride in abstaining, are typically useless and should not be encouraged (except perhaps to resign).

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