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Is an agenda required

Guest Rebecca

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Is an agenda required from a President for a Board of Directors meeting?  We have requested information before attending a meeting and have been told it is a "housekeeping" meeting.

An agenda is not required and is not required to be provided in advance unless your bylaws or special rules require one.  Even if your rules do require that a proposed agenda be provided to the board members in advance, it can be amended at the meeting as FAQ # 14 points out and items of new business which are not on the agenda can still be introduced during the period for new business. 


RONR provides a standard order of business which should be followed by assemblies which do not adopt an agenda. See pages 25-26 and 351-363    Agendas are covered on pages 371-375.   Most organizations which do adopt an agenda still follow the standard order of business, but the agenda lists specific items to come up in each category.


If the majority of the members of your organization want the president to provide a proposed agenda in advance of the meetings, you can adopt a rule requiring one.  Keep in mind, though, that it can still be amended both before adoption by majority vote and after adoption by a two thirds vote at a meeting and items of new business not on the agenda can still be introduced during new business.


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