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Guest Beverly

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We are a homeowner association.  We have, in the past, only voted at an annual membership meeting for directors and the proposed budget.  However, in the past year, the board of directors had difficulty obtaining a quorum at the annual membership meeting.  There was a proposed meeting in October, 2014, and continued to November, 2014, due to lack of quorum.  


The board, after NOT obtaining a quorum at the November, 2014, annual meeting, then went into a 'special board of directors meeting.'  Since this meeting was only advertised as a 'special' board meeting, enough owners didn't attend as they thought it wasn't a member meeting.  At this 'special' board meeting, the board of directors held the vote for approval of the previous member meeting held in February, 2014, the election of the directors, and a vote on the proposed budget.  


I was under the impression that members didn't vote at a board meeting, only at annual member meetings.  What is correct?


Many thanks.

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