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minutes of meeting with no quorum

Guest Rick

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a meeting is scheduled and held, but no quorum is had. No votes/decisions are made, but topics were discussed and items shared.

May the minutes be approved at the next meeting? I recognize that minutes are only required to be taken for decisions made, etc.

But our organization does include reports that are made by Directors. 


Additionally, to vote to approve minutes of any meeting, are you required to have been in attendance at the meeting to vote approval?




Rick Mikulski

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The minutes of an inquorate meeting (that's the word the cognoscenti likes to use) will be brief. But the meeting was held so there should be minutes and they should be approved at the next regular meeting.


There should be no vote to approve the minutes (since not approving them is not an option) but any member, whether present at the previous meeting or not, is free to suggest corrections.


And, in the absence of a quorum, it's probably best to adjourn the meeting before "discussing topics and sharing items". But, if not, none of that belongs in the minutes.

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