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Written Standing Rules


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I apologize in advance, because this is one of those "if I had the book with me I wouldn't have to ask" questions. (On a side note, is there any thought of allowing paid online access to RONR, similar to what the AP Stylebook does? I know I would use it quite often!)


Does RONR require Standing Rules to be written and/or kept together? I know technically they'd be "written" as part of the minutes of the meetings at which they were adopted, but our Club was established in the 1930s -- there are an awful lot of minutes to go through to find a particular Standing Rule!


If it is a requirement that they be collected outside of the minutes -- or even if it's a suggestion, really -- could some kind soul provide both the page number(s) and the actual verbiage? (Unless it's a long quotation, and then the page is fine and I'll try to hold off the debate until I can get back to the book!)


Thanks, as always.

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