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Resignation and Withdrawal of Resignation


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I am Treasurer on a Condo Board.  I resigned toward the end of a Board meeting, the President said they would not accept my resignation , but then said this would have to be decided upon by the Board, no vote was taken, the meeting was adjourned.  Several members asked me to reconsider.  Seven days before the next mtg, I withdrew my resignation.


My understanding is that the issue is moot.  The request to consider my resignation was made, no action was taken at the time and has never been placed before the Board, I withdrew my request.   This should end it since there is nothing to vote on now.


However, the issue is now on the agenda for the next meeting.  Need it be on the agenda at all?  What can they do?  How should I be prepared?

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Your understanding is correct.  Until the resignation has been acted upon, you can withdraw it.  Just make sure the fact that you have withdrawn it (or that you are withdrawing it) is  communicated in unmistakeable terms, preferably in writing. 


There are a few exceptions to the rule that you can withdraw a resignation, but none of those exceptions seem to apply here based on your description of the events.


Ask that the subject of your resignation be removed from the agenda.  If it does in fact come up, be prepared to make a point of order that it has been withdrawn and there is nothing for the assembly to act on.  Be  prepared to appeal from the decision of the chair if necessary and have at least one person who will second the appeal.


Edited to add:  One of the exceptions is when the resignation has been stated by the chair and is before the assembly, usually in the form of a motion to accept the resignation.  See pages 295-296.  A resignation is considered a request to be excused from a duty, which is a motion.  Once it has been placed before the assembly, the permission of the assembly is required to withdraw it just as in the case of withdrawing other motions.


If the chair merely said something like "we are not going to act on this yet", I personally interpret that as not yet having placed it before the assembly.  That may be a matter of interpretation for your organization, however.

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