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Questions about Ad-Hoc Committees

Guest Nick

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I have a couple questions about setting up an ad-hoc committee.


These questions involve a 7 member Board of Trustee's for a not for profit




An ad-hoc committee to select candidates to interview of those who apply for the Director position needs to be set up.  The president per our bylaws can appoint committees. 


1.  Can the President of the Board be on the committee

2.  Can the President of the Board be Committee Chair

3   How many people can be on the committee.  (With 7 people on the board a committee of more than 3 would just be a regular board meeting if I understand correctly)

4.  If the Board wishes to allow a paid staff member to be a liaison on the committee how do we go about that and what rights does that staff member have on the committee since they are not members of the            Board.  


Thanks for any clarification 

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Remember that "appoint" means "name people to" as distinct from establishing ("setting up") the committee.   A motion to establish a committee can specify duties, number of members (but not who they are in your case since your bylaws give that authority to your president),  the rules that the committee must follow, &c.


With that out of the way (and assuming the "establishment motion" didn't speak to your questions), here's answers:


1.   Yes.


2. Yes.


3. That's up to the group establishing the committee.


4.  That will be all up to the Board when they establish the committee.  But if the staffer is apointed to the committee, see p. 174.

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Depending on the situation, the committee could actually be larger than the board. Even if the committee consisted of all the members of the board, a committee meeting is not the same thing as a board meeting. During the committee meeting, you would only handle those things that are assigned to the committee. Of course, the board could meet after the committee meeting, if they wanted, but not during the committee meeting. But generally, if you see a need for a committee made up of board members, I would think it would be some number less than the size of the board, or you might as well have the board handle it at their regular meetings.

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Yes, that makes more sense (and I see that the board is a Board of Trustees, not a Board of Directors).



Yes sorry I was not more clear.  This is a board of publicly elected trustee's that are forming a committee to hire a new director for the organization it oversees. 

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