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Election Question

Guest Michelle RJ

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We held an election where an individual was nominated for two positions (allowed by our by-laws) and then won both positions.  The by-laws only allows them to hold one position.  Being a failry new organization and this is only our 3rd election...there was uncertainity of what to do and no real specifics in our current by-laws.  The individal asked for a day or two to decide.


The individual did make an indication that they would accept one or the other and then ultimately decided not to accept either of them.  Minutes were then released about the outcome of the election showing that the runners up would "assume" the positions as they had the second highest votes.  There was some discussion about this where some members stated we needed to follow Robert's Rules  and I pointed out a few things in our by-laws that may override Robert's Rule - however felt we need to meet to discuss this and other elements of our by-laws.


The items that I pointed out in our by-laws under the section of "Nominations" - this section outlines how nominations will be conducted are outlined and then the last paragraph under this section reads:


"In the event of a board vacancy, the responsibilities of that position will be assumed by the current board members until the vacancy is filled."


Under the "Terms" section - Vacancies in any office may be filled for the balance of the term thereof, by the executive committee.


That was why there was some questions as to whether one or both were incomplete or vacant....nothing was decided or set in stone.  Sections of the By-Laws were simply pointed out to explore and discuss because in Section 4 Rules of Order states:  Robert's Rules of Order (most current edition) shall govern the proceedings of all meetings except where said rules conflict with the By-Laws of FOAL in which case the By-Laws shall take precedence.


I was uncertain given the language we had under the "Nomination" section and "Terms" section overruled the Robert's Rules of Order makeing the voting an Incomplete Vote vs a Vacancy?


Any thoughts?


Again Thank you for your Time.


Michelle Ricco Jonas

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