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Guest Questioning it all

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Guest Questioning it all

At a recent meeting a homeowner brought up an issue with the board of directors, and proceeded to have discussion about it with both board members and the other homeowner involved in the issue. One particular board member extensively questioned one homeowner directly and he responded to her extensive questioning. It honestly felt like a wannabe lawyer cross- examining a witness.

A board member inserted a comment near the end of the conversation critisizing the previous arrangement the homeowners had for dealing with the problem, saying she would never, ever expect her neighbors to do that. She used a condescending tone and a raised voice. It seemd to be an attempt to illicit shame and issue belittlement to one of the homeowners, and she was addressing him directly even after being reminded to address the chair with comments or questions.

A point of order from another board member was called to stop the commentary as it seemed improper as she was speaking to him directly and was bordering on a personal attack to the homeowner. Defended herself to the board member who made the point of order, stating that she was merely making a comment (but it did not seem that way). The chairperson did not rule on the point of order, but just closed the conversation, saying enough had been said, and thanked the homeowners for coming in to discuss it.

Was calling a Point of Order the best course of action, or should the board member been allowed to continue her commentary directly to the homeowner?

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