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vote on previous voted on waivers

Guest Bill

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A planning board in April voted to grant waivers to a project.

At a may meeting there was a discussion of rescinding the previously granted waivers.

A member made a motion "I motion we leave the waivers as already granted"

It was seconded.

The vote was 3 in favor and 4 opposed.


The planning board director is confused as to the status of the affected waivers.



Do the waivers remain in place or are they rescinded.

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According to the rules in RONR, the waivers remain in place.  They have not been rescinded.  However, RONR provides that a motion worded like that one is improper for the very reason you described:  It leaves people confused as to the status if it is voted down.  The proper way to maintain the status quo and not do something is to make no motion at all.


However, it appears from your post that this is some type of governmental body, so the board might be subject to rules, procedures or statutes which supersede RONR and provide otherwise.


Note:  A question of this type should be posted in the "General Discussion" forum.  Don't be surprised if a moderator moves it there.

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