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Improper Budgeting


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Good morning, thank you in advance for any assistance!


I am the Chair of the Board of Directors for a large not-for-profit with approximately 14,000 members. There is a motion on the agenda to approve the proposed budget for the upcoming year. 


The organization has several internally restricted net assets which are intended to be used for member support services. The policy for these assets state that the disbursements shall not be larger than the earned interest from the previous year. 


With the desire of balancing the budget, the executive is proposing that a portion of the organizations salaries be allocated towards these assets. The concern with this is that the aforementioned policy states that only the earned interest may be spent, but these salaries would far outweigh this interest. My question is what is the proper procedural method for dealing with such a concern if the executive is not interested in altering their proposal. 


Thank you very much. I am more than happy to provide further information, but didn't want to write a novel if not needed. 






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Executive is not a noun, it is an adjective.   Executive.... what?


Unless there's something you're not including, as I see it there are only two alternatives:  either follow the existing policy or amend it.  Motions that violate or conflict with existing rules are not in order.  Raise a point of order that the proposal violates existing policy and is therefore not in order.


Maybe "the executive" (whoever that is) will become more interested in altering their proposal if it's ruled out of order.

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