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Improper Notice for Special Meeting

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8 hours ago, Sean Hunt said:

I think we're driving too far into the corner. If the clubhouse is sold and the proceeds put in the club treasury, then it seems to me that the sale could be ratified regardless of the status, officer, member, neither, or both, of the person(s) who actually executed the sale, as that is an action that the assembly could have taken. Conversely, I do not think that the assembly the ratify the decision of the President-Secretary-Treasurer, who is a lifetime member and Honourary Boy Scout, to eat a donut, as the assembly had no power to cause her to eat said donut.

I don't find this injection of far-fetched and silly facts into the conversation very helpful. 

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An organization need not be more "formal" than is necessary to transact its business.  Therefore, it seems to me that the meeting was perfectly fine.  Incidentally, an e-mail is "personal" because it is specifically addressed to a person. This is different from, say, posting the meeting notice to the organization's Web site.

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