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Take a break, conventioneers!

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Every few years, such as this one, I remember in time to hector those attending the NAP convention (or anything else) to back off and let those who aren't attending the convention to do the heavy lifting here on the world's premiere Internet parliamentary forum (RONR MB), rather than dashin out of your workshops back to your little rooms, to huddle there by yourselves pecking away at your laptops or iPods until it's time for bed.  For pity's sake, the world won't end if you leave the RONR MB alone for a coupla days.  Get out and socialize!  You can break bread with people you've known for years only from their keystrokes.  Great Steaming Cobnuts, you might find you actually like some of them. 


Me and (I suppose) Guest and whoever else can't attend will brace up and soldier on without you until you return and get back to nigglingly, captiously (or cavillingly, I forget which is which) correcting all our mistakes.


Humbly submitted (because my mother enjoined me not to grovel, but I'm tempted)

Gary c Tesser

(for the stay-at-homes)

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Oh, and welcome back, Gary!

If it takes a biennial convention of parliamentarians to bring you back to the forum, then maybe we ought to have them every six months or so.

Now, where is that Mountcastle fellow; we haven't heard from him in a while, either.


A biennial convention of what?

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