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Vote made permanent

Guest Mary S

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Yes, it can be changed by means of the motion to rescind or amend something previously adopted, provided it is an action which can be "undone".  For example, if it was a motion to buy a computer, and the organization has already bought the computer, then you can't "undo" it.  But if it's in the nature of something like a rule or policy, then yes, it can be changed or rescinded.  The fact that it is written in the minutes is irrelevant. All main motions should be in the minutes.


The motion to rescind or amend something previously adopted requires a regular majority vote if previous notice of the motion is given.  If previous notice is not given, it requires a two thirds vote or the vote of a majority of the entire membership.


I'm assuming that you are talking about an ordinary motion and not a bylaw amendment, which would have to be handled differently.


btw, all main motions, whether "permanent" or "temporary",  should be included in the minutes.  If and when the motion is changed, the minutes for the meeting at which you change it will reflect the change.  And if the motion to rescind or amend it fails, that fact should also be in the minutes.  ALL main motions should be recorded in the minutes along with the disposition, i.e., whether the motion was adopted or lost..

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Adding to Richard Brown's statement above, it's nearly impossible to make anything in this world "permanent" except by having it complete.  (If you've spent the money, you can't 'unspend' it.  


"As a general rule, one session cannot place a question beyond the reach of a majority at a later session except through the process of adopting a special rule of order or an amendment to the bylaws (either of which requires more than a majority vote). [page 87]


So, even if the motion were to say, "This rule cannot be suspended or rescinded." that would not prevent a future session (usually: meeting) from doing exactly that, providing the passed the motion by the required vote.  Also a motion that "These policies cannot be amended for 2 years" would not be binding on a future session.  


The best way to have a motion resistant to change is to craft it so well that the organization does not want to change it!



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