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Member removal

Guest Laura Akins

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If you notify a member for removal of a club and give several dates to choose to have the removal meeting and appeal and the member does not pick any of the dates, and this continues to go on. What do you do? Can you have the meeting with out the member, having offered them the day, date and time to give their appeal. Letter was mailed by registered, return receipt and we got the receipt back.


Thank you

Laura Akins


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I think I would have the appropriate body pick one of those dates and send the member a second letter stating that since the member did not respond to the request to pick a preferred date, the meeting/hearing has been set for whatever that date and time is.  Remind the member that the member may be present to put on a defense and call witnesses.... or whatever your procedure is.  Then have the meeting with or without the member.

Note:  If you have disciplinary procedures in your bylaws, follow them.... carefully.

If you do not, or if you want more guidance, the current edition (the 11th edition) of RONR has an entire chapter of 26 pages on discipline.  It gets very technical.  Any provisions in your bylaws trump any contrary provision in RONR.   Your bylaws may not require all of the default steps of RONR.

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