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Short Users Manual for Beginners

Guest Watson

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This forum has been incredibly helpful to me in my quest to improve my working knowledge of parliamentary procedure. But I  have a suggestion that I think will attract many more new users. Can your organization write a one or two page users manual on the features that are available in this forum that can be read at login time by new users like myself? That would be very useful and save you guys some heartburn. I did not know, for example, what responding in the same thread means or how it is done. But I found out after asking many questions that is the purpose of the box at the end of the post entitled “reply to this post.” As a second example, I see that I can register (I have no clue as  to the pros and cons of me registering). I have read the FAQ and other things on the message board but if I decide to use this forum regularly, there is must more that I need to be told.


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I can at least tell you, if you haven't noticed after a month and a half of snippy supercilious disregard by the regular parliamentarian posters on this forum (in contrast, say, to irregular and aspiring parliamentarians like me), that there is no downside ("con") to registering, at least as far as I can tell, and I have been looking assiduously since around 2000, when the 10th edition of RONR (Reg. Penna. Dept. Agr.) came out, IIRC (Reg. Penna. Dept. Agr.)

But yes, it occurs to me, after having been sojourning amongst the hinterlands for lo these many youths, that yes, you have a distinct point:  most websites, helpfully, have a FAQ about the website itself; but this website's FAQ is about the subject matter, parliamentary procedure, itself.  Tsk tsk.  I have been thinking that Gerber and his teeming minions (minions upon minions!) are woefully underpaid (as, it perhaps belatedly occurs to me, am probably I), but perhaps they're just underworked.  Or underground, if they take the IRT, like civilized people do.

Have I answered your question, or anyone's?

Nancy N.

O, and Watson, another couple of things.  First:  Why don't you write it?  You're more intimately familiar with the needs of a newcomer than the regulars here.  If you need help or advice, you know where to go for it,

2.  This is maybe just a bugbear of mine, but this website's posters have not been "incredibly" helpful.  "Awesomely" I can buy -- they routinely do awesome before breakfast; you can go with "astonishingly" and "brilliantly" if you like, and "magisterially" would not be hyperbolic, but leave "incredibly" (and the adjectival form) alone.  While you're at it. please never say that something "begs the question" unless you actually look up that phrase, and then, as it happens, you'll virtually never have occasion to use it.  Avoid that, and you'll save me writing, and you reading, another rant like this, unless you enjoyed it, in which case have at thee, varlet, and you might as well go ahead and say "imply" when you mean "infer," or vice versa, while you're at it.

Indeed, you do see, Watson, but you do not observe.  How many steps lead from the ground floor up to our flat hers at 221b Baker Street?

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12 hours ago, Daniel H. Honemann said:

Welcome back, Nancy, and you're absolutely right, begging the question is allowed in this forum only when discussing the content of the moon, (as here, for instance).

Thanks; and as a couple of Heinlein characters said in the 1940's or 1950's, "It's Great to Be Back," and oddly or fittingly, they were talking about the Moon,

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