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Call an Adjourned Meeting back into open session

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Is there a proper procedure to call a legally posted meeting that has been motioned to adjourn and voted in the affirmative to adjourn - back into session because an action on an item was not taken during that original session.  See attached meeting minutes.  

I was told that it is proper to make a motion to rescind the motion to adjourn.  I felt this was incorrect as to make a motion, there must be a open meeting from which a motion could be properly recorded.  We were officially out-of-session.  We proceeded back into session by a motion to rescind, took the missed action, then adjourned again.

Note: meetings (non-emergency) must be officaily published with 24 hrs notice.  the original meeting was posted properly.

BOS BOF 2016 May 12 special joint meeting minutes (1).docx

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There is a very limited circimsatnce under which the chair may call a meeting back to order after decalring it adjournded:

"If the chair learns, immediately after declaring the assembly adjourned, that a member seeking the floor for one of these purposes [discussed in the preceding paragraphs] had risen and addressed the chair before the adjournment was declared, then, since the adjournment was improper and this breach was promptly noted, the chair must call the meeting back to order—but only long enough for the purpose for which the member legitimately sought the floor." RONR, p, 240, ll. 3-10. The reconveining listed in the minutes you attached does not fit that exception, IMO.

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