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Change a custom not specified in Club Bylaws

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Guest Howe

Quick question:  If there is a custom of handing out an award at each monthly meeting to a member of the club by nomination and vote, and if that is shown on the monthly agenda as a line item for the meeting, but the handing out of the award is not mentioned anywhere in the club bylaws - does the leadership have to provide a club vote to stop handing out the award every month?  A club member says that since it has been handed out every month for the last few years, it is now a tradition, and has to be voted on my the club membership to not hand it out.

Thanks for your response...

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I agree with Mr. Huynh.  It seems to me that this practice has become a custom and is not prohibited by any written rule. 

This statement on page 19 of RONR regarding custom should be helpful:

"In some organizations, a particular practice may sometimes come to be followed as a matter of established custom so that it is treated practically as if it were prescribed by a rule. If there is no contrary provision in the parliamentary authority or written rules of the organization, the established custom should be adhered to unless the assembly, by a majority vote, agrees in a particular instance to do otherwise. "

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