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Adopting Reconsider on Subsidiary Motion Bringing Back Main Motion

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7 hours ago, parkourninja said:

If a main motion and a subsidiary motion that was reconsiderable failed, does adopting motion to reconsider subsidiary motion after the main motion failed bring back main motion for consideration as well?

"If it is desired to reconsider the vote on a subsidiary or incidental motion (an amendment, for example) after the main question to which it adhered has been finally disposed of (by adoption, rejection, or indefinite postponement), the vote on the main question, or on its indefinite postponement, must also be reconsidered (see also Standard Characteristic 2). In such a case, one motion to Reconsider should be made to cover both the vote on the subsidiary or incidental motion whose reconsideration is desired, and the vote on the main question (or its indefinite postponement). The member who makes this motion to Reconsider must have voted with the prevailing side in the original vote on the subsidiary or incidental motion—that is, on the motion which will be reconsidered first if the reconsideration takes place."  (RONR, 11th ed., pp. 327-328) 

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18 minutes ago, parkourninja said:

Can the member who moves to reconsider such secondary motion not have voted on the prevailing side in deciding the main motion?

Yes.  He must have voted on the prevailing side of the secondary motion though.  See, p. 328, ll. 8-12.

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25 minutes ago, Daniel H. Honemann said:

Seeing the language in the book itself is easier to understand than when it's quoted in a response?  :)

Which is why I didn't take your response and bold the applicable portion and add the page and line numbers. :)

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