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Rebecca Susanne

President holding meetings outside normal board meetings

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It all depends on just is discussed and done in these "meetings".  From a parliamentary standpoint, according to RONR, there is nothing wrong with various members of an organization, including the president and other officers or board members, having private, social type get-togethers and meetings and even discussing the organization's business so long as no official action is being taken in the name of the organization.  It can even be a formal, "We would like your opinion on a few things".

Like Chris Harrison said, I suppose that if enough members think this is inappropriate, you might be able to discipline or remove the president and/or board members because of it.  But, keep in mind, it violates no rule as long as decisions on behalf of the organization aren't being made.  In my experience, it is pretty common for members and even officers of homeowner associations to get together and yak and complain about the grass, the pool, the staff, the fees or whatever.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that from a parliamentary standpoint. 

Would you take the position that that is inappropriate?  What about talking to various homeowners to find people willing to run for office or for the board of directors?  What about asking members what their concerns are?

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6 hours ago, Rebecca Susanne said:

President of board and two other board members holding meetings with selected homeowners outside regular scheduled Board meeting.

Q. Can this cause them to all be terminated? 

No. You cannot terminate an officer for "talking to friends".


Casual conversations are allowed.

Planning is allowed.

Polling/Opinion-taking is allowed.

Consultation with senior members is allowed.

Parties, BBQs, happy hours, etc., are allowed.

Friendship is allowed.



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