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Are Members responsible for all Months

Guest Brittney

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That is a matter of interpreting your organization's bylaws and adopted motions, something that only your organization can do.  We cannot do that for you.

Edited to add: You need to pay close attention to the precise wording of the motion that adopted the assessment.  My own opinion, which is just that.... my opinion..... is that once a member is no longer a member the obligation to pay the assessment probably ends, but a close reading of the exact language of the motion is necessary.  It is ultimately up to your organization to decide the issue.

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On 9/26/2016 at 10:55 AM, Guest Brittney said:

If a $10 monthly assessment passed for 2 years (March 2016-March 2018) and a member leaves the organization in December 2016; is the member still obligated to pay the remainder months?

What member?  If the person has left the organization, why are they still a member?

Does your $10 monthly assessment apply to non-members?  If so, then I guess I've been delinquent in my payments.

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