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Guest Elizabeth Wallace

Election of a Director to a non-profit

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Guest Elizabeth Wallace


I thought that I was elected to a board but now others say I was not. The minutes, I believe were mistranscribed. they read as follows:

MOTION:  Tom made the motion to amend the bylaws to increase the
     board to 11 members. 
     2nd: Pete. Carried unanimously. 
MOTION:  made by Tom to nominate Jerry to the board 2nd: Alice. 
      Carried unanimously

My question is this: Tom made a motion to "elect" but we believe that it was mistranscribed and to "nominate" was put into the minutes. 

Question: The by-laws were amended to increase the board so that Jerry could be elected. Even if the minutes were not mistranscribed, doesn't that prove our point that Jerry was elected?

Question: Isn't a nomination always followed by an election.

Question: Isn't it true that a nominating board or an individual nominated, and that a full board elects (as in this case, the full board voted)

THANK YOU ADVANCE FOR answering my questions.


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