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1 hour ago, Guest Chuck said:

Can a seated President nominate a member for a president or nominates a member for any board position during an open nomination meeting?



1 hour ago, Hieu H. Huynh said:

The president should not make nominations.

I don't have access to my computer CD ROM version or a hard copy of RONR at the moment, but I believe RONR says the presiding officer should not make nominations. He should be impartial. It doesn't say he cannot make nominations.


However, if he is a member of the assembly, he does have the right to make nominations the same as any other member can and he cannot be prevented from doing so


Edited to add: It's a "should not" rule, not a cannot rule.

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Note that RONR advises strongly against the president (not necessarily the "chair") sitting on the Nominating Committee.

I assume that this advice is to prevent undue influence of the sitting incumbents from perpetuating their own positions, and thus blocking out any new candidates.


Page 431 of RONR is consistent with this philosophy. --

   • For lesser positions, the chair may nominate.

   • For officer positions, this is frowned upon ("... an organized society should adopt other methods of nominating for office ...").

Yet note that, assuming the chair is a member, the chair never loses the right to nominate.

If the chair's preferred nominee has not yet been nominated, and nominations are about to close, then the chair has no choice but to squeeze in a nomination for his preferred nominee, before nominations are closed.

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