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Complaint letter

Michael Sprague

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4 minutes ago, Michael Sprague said:

Organization Constitution/Bylaws states

charges against any officer or member may be preferred by any member in good standing. They shall be in writing.

Q. Can a organization act on a compliant letter against a member if it is anonymous. 


Your rule is a customized rule. Your rule was not lifted from Robert's Rules of Order.

So, your rule is subject to interpretation. No one's interpretation will be authentic, because only the organization itself can interpret its own customized rules.


With that said, I will offer some observations.

Q. If a letter is anonymous, then how shall the organization verify the rule requirement: ". . . member in good standing . . ."?

An anonymous letter might have been written by a member who is in bad standing -- or by someone is not a member at all.

Q. How do you plan to administer this verification requirement, on an anonymous letter?

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