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Another motion related to one that had previously been passed by the Board

Guest Judy

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I am the Secretary of a small Condo Association.  As a Board, we met to work on our budget for 2017; we discussed a monthly fee increase, and the motion passed unanimously.  The proposed budget and the fee increase has to be approved by a majority of the Condo Association members before the budget and the increase can go into effect. 

However, we did some additional work and determined that we needed to increase the fee by about $10.00. 

Our Condo Board Chair sent a motion to the Board (via e-mail) asking for an increase of $35.00 as opposed to the $25.00 originally voted on. 

Shouldn't we first rescind the motion that passed before we propose another motion? 

Thank you for your help. 

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I don't see a need to rescind the previous motion.  You can simply amend it to make it $35 rather than $25.  If it is to be presented to the membership as a board proposal, then it should be amended.  You also need to comply with whatever notice requirements your association has. If previous notice is required and if notice has already been given that a $25 fee increase is being proposed, you might have a notice problem.  Amending it at the meeting  from $25 to $35 would exceed the scope of the notice and would be out of order. So, check your own bylaws regarding required notice of fee increases.

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