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Removing an AGM Agenda Motion


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2 Motions were properly put by a member to be included in the Agenda for Annual general Meeting and was published 21 days in advance of the meeting as per the Constitution of the Club.

Is it in order to remove the motion from the agenda before the meeting but  after the 21 day deadline for publishing the agenda in advance?

My view is that the agenda cannot be amended but that the Chair of the AGM can advise the attendees  that the proposers have asked that the motions be withdrawn

Note ,our constitution is silent as to anything to do with changing AGM agenda before or at meeting

Advice greatly appreciated

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If previous notice of the motions has been already been mailed, it is not in order to remove them.

The chair can advise members at the meeting that the proposers no longer intend to make the motions, or the proposers can request leave to make that statement, or they can simply not move them. 

However, since proper notice was given, there is nothing to prevent someone else from making the same motions, should they wish to do so.

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