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2 hours ago, Guest Patrick Crowley said:

 Can a commission vote on a contract that is been put together  by said commission, and not officially been offered, viewed, excepted or denied  by the person that is supposed to except it ?


2 hours ago, Hieu H. Huynh said:

Any requirements to "except" it would have to be found in your rules.

I think Guest Patrick means "ACCEPT" rather than "except".  But, even with that, I'm not sure what he is asking.  I'm thinking that the commission proposes the contract and the other party has to decide whether to accept it, but I really don't know.  We need more information.

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When a contract is being agreed to by two parties, and if one or both are organizations, not individuals, and if the question of approving is one that is decided by the membership, as opposed to being a power held by one or more officers, then the assembly must vote on it.

Although both parties to the contract must be in agreement, it does not seems unusual to me that someone has to go first.

What does seem unusual is that the details would not have been worked out between both parties in advance.  



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